About Us


 Hi !

My name is Karina Narodetsky, and I am the founder of the brand “Mia My”.

Why “Mia My”?

Mia - in Italian means "My", My - in English is also "My", and so I want a woman to feel that the garment she measures was designed, specifically for her, and she will say: "This is mine & mine only!"

On my site I present a selection of casual and evening clothes with high quality and attention to the small details. I try to offer my customers meticulous, up-to-date and sexy clothing that emphasizes the femininity in each and every woman. The entire collection is manufactured in Israel, with supervision and emphasis on the highest quality finishes. Sometimes in the sewing performance there is also manual work to reach the perfection of the garment.

The production of the clothes begins with a choice of fabric. For me it is always an exciting moment because cloth gives me the inspiration and accompanies me to the final result. It is very important to me that the fabric I choose will be pleasant,  made in high quality and composed of natural materials such as Cotton, Silk, Wool, Viscose and Linen. I really love working with raw materials which are characterized by very original and varied textures, and help to create a game of unique combinations.

I always try to design fashionable, practical and high-standard clothes so that my clients will enjoy them as much as possible. I devote my special attention to the figures. My goal is to emphasize the beauty of the body and also to make the woman feel comfortable in the clothes I designed. In order to create a sense of uniqueness for my customers, all Mia My collections are produced in minimal quantities.

The purpose of my work is that every woman in the clothes of my “Mia My” will feel stunning and amazing!

If you would like to measure our garments, you are welcome to visit our Showroom in Tel Aviv, Karlebach 10, 5th floor.

*Arrival by appointment.